Burleigh in Bloom

You may have heard, this year we are celebrating our 170th Anniversary

With rich heritage and an incredible design archive spanning over almost two centuries, each piece of Burleigh ware has a story of authenticity and of provenance. From the experienced hands that craft it, to the lives that have styled it into their homes; Burleigh has continued to evolve and lead modern dining and homewares trends, but with our classic blue hues and patterns true to our origin.

Expertise, outstanding craftsmanship and timeless style are the enduring qualities that make Burleigh the British name most associated with beautiful tableware used for entertaining and bringing people together all around the world; infusing our ware with the skills of our talented craftsmen for 170 years. This has lead to various partnerships over the years, with Freddie’s Flowers being one of our most recent collaborations in Autumn of 2020

Each week Freddie chooses the best flowers of the season and puts together a beautiful bunch for you to arrange at home. But this August, Freddie’s arrangements have a twist. Following the collaboration with Burleigh last Autumn, Freddie was inspired by the history that built Burleigh and the moments enjoyed with it and the homes made beautiful with it.

This July, subscribe to Freddie’s Flowers and if you have a delivery during the week commencing 9th  August you will get your hands on ‘Burleigh in Bloom’. A stunning arrangement of blue and white hues, inspired by the great archive of Burleigh and our craft skills that never age. We are thrilled that we have been able to inspire the craft of floristry, and that these masterpieces will be in your homes this Summer for you all to enjoy.

Celebrating 170 years of innovation, resilience, and charm; crafting excellence since 1851 with skills that never age.


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