Burleigh x Freddie's Flowers

Each week Freddie chooses the best flowers of the season and puts together a beautiful bunch for you to arrange at home. Freddie is an advocate of sustainability, working with flowers of the season and sourcing locally grown stems wherever possible.

But how did it all begin?

Freddie originally started creating his beautiful bouquets from his parents back garden, and he delivered them via a milk float, locally around London. His Mum would help to pack the flower boxes each day, after Freddie had been to Covent Garden at 3am to pick up the freshly cut stems. As business grew, Freddie upgraded his van and then his office space to Wandsworth Common where he also grew his team.

Freddie’s love of flowers was instilled in him from his upbringing – he grew up in his parents flower shop and he was inspired by them to go on and establish Freddie’s Flowers. One could say it was meant to be with a surname of ‘Garland’, but flowers have always been an intrinsic part of Freddie’s everyday. His cut flowers are remarkably fresh. Because they are cut and packed to order they also reduce waste (a huge problem for many florists) and each box is full of long lasting flowers.  

As business grew, Freddie wanted to offer more to his customers, which lead him to get in touch with Burleigh. A British brand, full of heritage and although somewhat different to a floristry business, still full of the same creativity, passion, craftsmanship and commitment to our customers.

‘I am so excited about our collaboration with Burleigh’ says Freddie. ‘Their iconic pottery, handmade in Middleport - the traditional home of the UK pottery trade - is beloved up and down the country. It was an opportunity that was too good to miss!’ 

‘We’ve bounced ideas back and forth, working hard to create a bespoke pattern for our range of jugs; I love that you can’t get these pieces anywhere else. The teams at Burleigh and Freddie’s have come up with three perfect vessels for flowers - they’re as fresh as they are timeless. I can’t wait to see them in the homes of Freddie’s Flowers and Burleigh fans’.

Burleigh and Freddie’s Flowers have collaborated to bring to you the exclusive, Pink Burgess Chintz collection of tankard jugs. Adorned in delicate motifs of wild blossoms and leaves, the pastel pink shades will accentuate your blooms once you have trimmed them down from their initial vase, helping you to get the best from your delivery.

Exquisitely embellished with wild flower motifs in soothing shades, this pattern is part of Burleigh’s celebrated history; named after our founder, Frederick Rathbone Burgess. A little piece of history paired with flowers of the season, the soft pink tones and wild floral patterns deliver elegance to your home that Freddie’s Flowers truly deserve.

Freddie’s creations are a myriad of colour and beauty and can now be accompanied by our infamous tankard jug. The Burleigh x Freddie’s flowers collaboration is now exclusively available to purchase for customers of Freddie’s Flowers.



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