Burleigh's Special Edition 170th Anniversary Mug

Adorned in Burleigh’s Blue Regal Peacock pattern, this celebratory mug has a twist.

We have always embraced the individual nature of our ware, and applauded the unique way our colours develop under their coat of transparent glaze.

The impact of the kiln’s fire on our underglaze prints is no more obvious than in our earliest ‘blue flow’ ware, which we produced right from our founding date in 1851. ‘Blue Flow’ ware originally started its life in the early 1800’s as a mistake- caused by the unpredictable temperature fluctuations in a bottle kiln- making the patterns applied under the glaze run and flow together, staining the transparent glaze pale blue, and rendering the pattern with a soft focus. Once customers saw this beautiful ‘mistake’ however, they were enthralled by the variation in each piece and the movement and life this brought to their tables. From there, ‘Blue Flow’ ware was born and the blue patterns on our ware were encouraged to run and flow together.


Taking this flowing blue as our muse, we have reinterpreted this captivating effect 170 years later through a contemporary lens to produce a special edition piece to celebrate our anniversary. By adding an additional coat of hand dipped glaze, we have given our celebratory mugs a bright new colourway. This effect encourages the pattern beneath to flow and mix with the coloured glaze, imbuing each piece with the same movement and verve as our original ‘blue flow’ ware.

Read more about our 170 year history here, and shop the special edition anniversary mug.

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