Fun Easter Activities with Meripoppets

 Easter Activities For Kids

If you have small children and are in need of some crafting inspiration this Easter, then read on. Our friend Lauren (aka Meripoppets) and her daughter Sadie did both activities, making these beautiful eggs and delicious treats, while her son Albie took an afternoon nap.

Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Traditions

Polystyrene eggs were used for this activity, but you could try using wooden eggs or blown eggs. Lauren said Sadie loved painting the eggs with small brushes and rolling them around in the paint to create different effects, using Crayola washable paints.

Painted Easter Eggs

“Children have an innate desire to create, play, explore & learn new skills. Letting children explore materials and express themselves freely allows their creativity to flow and for them to make sense of the world around them. I love that Sadie has been painting eggs for our Easter tree for the last 3 years. I always let her decide on her own colours and techniques. We keep them all and she re-hangs them each Easter along with her news ones. Every year they are a symbol of how’s she’s growing, as her designs change with her and give us a glimpse into her unique and wonderful mind and ideas.”

Chocolate Easter Nest Recipe

Chocolate Easter Nests


• 150g Dark chocolate
• 150g Milk chocolate
• Heaped tablespoon of honey
• Shredded wheat mashed up


Simply mix altogether, spoon into cupcake cases and add the mini eggs on top, then leave to set. Don’t forget to lick the bowl and serve on a large Burleigh Green Asiatic Pheasants Plate or platter, if there's any left!

Chocolate Easter Nest Recipe

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