Introducing Burleigh's Egg Boxes

With a history as long and storied as ours, it’s not unusual to find designs long hidden in our archives, particularly when it comes to the mould stores which are practically bursting with designs just waiting for a revival.

From Dickensian Toby Jugs to tankards shaped like a bunch of grapes, trying to decide what to revive meant that we had our work cut out for us. But with spring on the horizon, and Easter inevitably following in its wake, one design stood out above the others; the egg.

As Easter approaches and some of us might be dreaming of a seemingly endless supply of chocolate whenever the topic of Easter eggs is brought up, this wasn’t always the case.

Tradition originally saw the creating of brightly coloured and ornately hen’s eggs using paints and dyes, but confectionary becoming more readily available saw this change. It became commonplace to exchange a hollow egg filled with a selection of the recipient’s favourite sweeties. Or, for special occasions, re-usable ceramic eggs were exchanged. While the United Kingdom may have moved towards hollow eggs made entirely out of chocolate in recent years, this practice is still observed by many of our European neighbours such as Germany and Scandinavia.

With all that in mind, it made perfect sense to us to bring back our traditional egg-shaped trinket boxes, complete with a modern makeover in your favourite Burleigh patterns.

Available exclusively in our Factory shop and online in Rose Pink Felicity, Blue Felicity, and Black Regal Peacock patterns you can treat yourself, or a loved one, to a trinket box that is stylish enough to be used all through the year.

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