Burleigh Product Guide: A Cup For Everyone

At Burleigh, we are known for crafting the perfect teapot with the perfect pour and our teacups are the ideal vessel for serving them too but you may have noticed, we don’t just do tea! For every lover of tea, there's a coffee lover too and we have something to suit everybody with our range of cups and mugs which are All Made Here.

Mini Mug, 140ml

Burleigh Mini Mug made in England

The smallest cup in our range, the Mini Mug comes in a variety of designs and can be used for a shot of coffee or a cute cup of milk for children. 

Teacup, 187ml

Burleigh Teacup & Saucer made in England

The perfect size to add sophistication to your everyday cup of tea. A Teacup & Saucer, adorned in our iconic designs, these hand-crafted teacups are a quintessentially British classic.

Breakfast Cup, 425ml

Burleigh Breakfast Cup & Saucer made in England

The Breakfast Cup is a generous sized cup and makes the perfect start to your morning. Great for serving both tea and coffee, or even a chocolate sprinkled cappuccino. Hand-decorated using our famous tissue transfer decoration method, just like we did over 170 years ago. Uniquely decorated by skilled craftsmen with Burleigh's centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing, from hand-engraved copper rollers, perfectly adorning this contemporary sized shape.

Sandringham Mug, 284ml

Burleigh Sandringham Mug made in England

Adding elegance and style to your morning rituals, the Sandringham Mug is an unusual yet striking shape. Stylish and feminine, the Sandringham Mug is available in our iconic Burleigh designs and matches perfectly with a speciality coffee.

Osbourne Mug, 300ml

Burleigh Osbourne Mug

A modern shape and generous size, the Osbourne Mug is designed to fit perfectly into your hands. Recommended for your favourite cup of tea, from English Breakfast, fruit tea, to Oolong.

Half Pint Mug, 248ml

Burleigh Half Pint Mug made in England

Our Half Pint Mug is more delicate than the Osbourne Mug and slightly smaller; a lovely Mug to offer any guests in your home. Delicate enough for a pot of green tea but works equally as well for a spot of coffee.

Footed Mug, 300ml


Burleigh Footed Mug made in England

The Footed Mug is a more ornate design than our classic straight Mugs. Coming in a traditional style, it's a good weight when holding a cup of tea or placing down on a table thanks to its footed base.

Large Mug, 375ml

Burleigh Large Mug made in England

Our biggest cup offering, the Large Mug will be your new favourite if you need to keep your caffeine levels topped up. Great for tea or coffee, it's designed for modern day living.

Burleigh’s cups are designed to help you enjoy your roasted beans and favourite tea from the comfort of your own home, just how you like it whether you choose a Sandringham Mug or a classic Teacup & Saucer. Always sophisticated and always Burleigh; decorated in a variety of our timeless designs. We also make Espresso Cups and Coffee Cans.

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