Collection: Half-Pint Mugs

Here at Burleigh Pottery, we handcraft 284ml half-pint mugs in a variety of beautiful shapes and patterns. Their medium size is the perfect balance between dainty and generous, making them a practical addition to any collection. We also offer handmade mugs in sizes ranging from 140ml to 375ml, as well as small and large teacups.

This range of ½-pint mugs includes classic straight-sided styles as well as curved Sandringham mugs. These fine earthenware shapes are available across a number of stunning collections, including Black and Blue Regal Peacock, so you're sure to find a design you love.

The patterns are achieved using a unique technique, whereby inked tissue paper is applied to the ceramic by hand. This allows us to decorate the fiddliest of areas, such as handles, and means every piece is truly one of a kind. A final glaze and firing ensure longevity.

Buy half-pint mugs from Burleigh Pottery today with UK or international delivery. For an even more luxurious tea or coffee break, make sure to add a matching sugar bowl and milk jug to your order. We also offer teapots and novelty tea bag holders that might be of interest.