The History of Asiatic Pheasants

Asiatic Pheasants is a much-loved Burleigh design with a history dating back to 1862. Featuring an oriental styled pattern, it is an elegant collection that is currently available in Blue, Pink and Plum.

One of the first designs that we ever manufactured, Asiatic Pheasants was the second most popular pattern of the late 1800s. Also produced by over 60 other factories during this time, this pattern was originally available in a wide range of colours including purple and black.

Today, we continue ­­to use the traditional process of tissue transfer printing to make Asiatic Pheasants. As part of this process, the Asiatic Pheasants design is first hand engraved onto copper cylinders. Using these engraved copper plates, a stream of printed pattern is then printed onto fine sheets of tissue paper. This paper is then passed for cutting, application and rubbing before the pottery is washed. This age-old process hasn’t changed since origination. By utilising this intricate method, we are able to ensure the quality and depth of colour of each piece.

The renowned Burleigh backstamp can be found on the underside of each piece of Asiatic Pheasants. Made up of a scrolled cartouche showing the name of the pattern and the proud ‘Made in England’ stamp, the Burleigh backstamp is a mark of quality, passion and craftsmanship. 

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