The Return of Romance

Weddings are finally back on the agenda, albeit with some restrictions still in place, but how wonderful to finally be able to celebrate intimacy with couples embracing the beauty of marriage once again.

To celebrate in true romantic style, Burleigh are here with inspiration for the perfect wedding gift, in collaboration with The Wedding Shop.

At The Wedding Shop, tableware has always been a popular wedding gift. This is because dinnerware can be cherished throughout married life and even go on to become a family heirloom, making it a meaningful gift. Tableware is something that brings couples joy at every meal time and reminds them of their wedding and their loved ones, and they can also use this to celebrate with friends and family, again and again. Tableware also helps couples to upgrade their everyday to allow them to start married life in style. 

With an appreciation for newfound time and more home dining over the past year, it has super-charged the desire for luxury tableware, but tableware that remains timeless in style. 

Couples are using their wedding lists to upgrade their everyday tableware. These pieces are being seen in a new light and couples are choosing to upgrade the things that they use every day. To enjoy the small, meaningful rituals such as dressing the table, sitting down for lunch and enjoying gourmet meals at home. Elevated everyday classics have been taking centre stage, for couples to enjoy lazy weekend brunches and  gourmet evening extravaganzas’.

Every single piece of Burleighware is hand-decorated using the same rare, time-honoured skills of our master craftspeople. Allowing the happy couple to imbue their homes with our famous quality and style for a long and happy marriage, becoming the heirlooms of their future.  

“Tableware makes a great gift. We love to host dinner parties and I love to create a stunning table setting. We got gifted tableware by my parents' friends who also received a dinnerware set for their wedding 50 years ago and still use it daily.” - Real Wedding Shop Bride, Charlie. 

Hayley of The Wedding Shop says that ‘At home dining has taken on a greater significance with mealtimes becoming more of an 'event'. In turn, we have seen couples investing in restaurant worthy dinnerware that reminds them of their favourite restaurants, but can be enjoyed at home everyday’.

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