The Transferring Room in the Factory Shop

We regularly receive enquiries in our Factory Shop about how we make our pottery and because of this, our Factory Shop Manager, Jemma Baskeyfield was inspired to create a window display in our Best Shop showcasing the art and craft of Burleigh.

Here, Jemma takes us through the process and set-up of the window which she has named, ‘The Transferring Room’.

I wanted to create a dramatic display in our upstairs window, as we have a lot of customers who are interested in how we make our pottery and people are becoming more and more aware of the effort that goes into what we do following the BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down.

Ultimately, I wanted to bring the reality of the factory into the display. Recreating the magic of our Transferring Room, this display captures the drama of the billowing sheets of print with light streaming from behind - in the factory, this room is the beating heart of Burleigh. The wave of pottery shapes flow from plain white though to the finished, glazed item and everything in-between. I have tried to capture the small details, such as the tools of our trade, including the glass cutters which cut through the sheets of print, as well as original furniture used in the Transferring Shop, some of which has been used around the factory for over 100 years.

The wonderful thing about this particular display is that our staff have been able to use it to show customers how our patterns are applied. Not every visitor has the time to go on our highly informative Factory Tours, so it is currently proving to be a great success amongst our customers and staff alike!

Find more information on our Factory Tours here.

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