Tableware Trends for 2023

Top 5 Tableware Trends for 2023 Burleigh Pottery Made In England

We love spending the end of the year sitting down with a nice cup of tea or coffee and reviewing upcoming trends for the following year, to fill us with inspiration and ideas. If you want to freshen things up in 2023, carry on reading to discover the top five trends we think you need to know about; covering key colours, food fads and essential events...

Colour Of The Year 2023

Burleigh Pottery Trends 2023 Blog Colour Of The Year 2023 Magenta Lavender

Add pops of punchy pink hues to your home in 2023. Pantone’s Color of the Year is Viva Magenta Red and the Coloro + WGSN Colour of the Year 2023 is Digital Lavender Purple. See our selection of on-trend tableware and teaware in these popular colours to brighten-up your daily routine. Our Pink Asiatic Pheasants, Pink Burgess Chintz, Rose Pink Felicity, Red Calico, Plum Asiatic Pheasants and Mulberry Felicity collection are all perfect for this. Art, colour and wellness therapies are big this year, so enjoy a cup of your favourite tea as you get creative.

Fashionable Floral Foods

Burleigh Pottery Trends 2023 Blog Floral Cakes

(Photo credit: Georgina of High Tide Tea Devon)

We’re blooming excited about this trend featuring two of our favourite things; cakes and flowers! Look out on Instagram for wildflower cupcakes and purple floral cakes, as they’re going to be everywhere. Georgina, of High Tide Tea in Devon, is already one step ahead, with these beautiful, mouth-watering cakes. All handmade using local and home-grown ingredients. Celebrate every and any occasion in 2023 with a floral cake on a Burleigh Cake Plate or Cake Stand of course. Enjoy!

Mix & Match Maison

Burleigh Pottery Trends 2023 Blog Mix & Match Maison Blues

If you like an eclectic look or change your style frequently, the mix and match trend is perfect for you! For a full-on look, you can mix both patterns and colours. If you’re new to mixing and matching, try picking a colour and stick to it, such as classic blues in our best-selling Burleigh collections. If you’re a little nervous when it comes to mixing dinner plates or side plates, you could dip your toe in the water with mugs first. The beauty of this trend is there really is no right or wrong way to do it, it’s personal taste. Just pick your favourites and get layering.

Classic Weddings With A Trend-Led Twist

Burleigh Pottery Trends 2023 Blog Weddings

Here at Burleigh, we believe in timeless design to last a lifetime, with our patterns coming from the archives dating as far back as 1851. Another big trend for 2023 is to have a burnt orange wedding theme, including tableware. While we don’t currently make anything in this colour, we do have our popular Blue Asiatic Pheasants collection, which is the most perfect tableware for weddings. It’s also the complementary colour of orange, so you can dress your table with rust coloured fabrics, flowers and food but then own a stylish and versatile dinner set to use afterwards, enjoying the best of both worlds.

Gender Neutral Baby Showers

Burleigh Pottery Trends 2023 Blog Gender Neutral Baby Shower

(Photo credit: Alanna O'Neil)

If you’re looking for something different than baby girl pink or baby boy blue, or have decided to keep the gender of your baby a surprise until they’re born, then our Green Asiatic Pheasants collection is perfect for a gender-neutral babyshower. All made in England and decorated by hand in our popular pattern, it also comes in blue and pink; ideal for a variety of other celebrations such as christenings, birthdays, weddings and more. The three colourways layer perfectly too. Read our Baby Showers with Burleigh blog for more inspiration.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the top trends for 2023 and are left feeling inspired for the New Year. Don’t forget to tag us all your photos of Burleigh new and old on social media; featuring these key colours, yummy food fads and your special celebrations.


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