Black Regal Peacock

The striking oriental bird motifs and dark, rich colour of the Black Regal Peacock collection brings a majestic charm to every occasion. A contemporary and chic take on a Burleigh classic.

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Foot Bath - Black Regal Peacock Foot Bath
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Half Pint Mug - Black Regal Peacock Half Pint Mug 284ml/0.5pt
Jam Pot/Covered Sugar - Black Regal Peacock Jam Pot / Covered Sugar Pot 480g/ 1lb
Etruscan Jug - Black Regal Peacock Large Etruscan Jug
Black Regal Peacock Mini Footed Bowl 12cm/5"
Mini Mug - Black Regal Peacock Mini Mug
Teapot Tray - Black Regal Peacock Mini Teapot Tray
Hexagon Bowl - Black Regal Peacock Octagonal Bowl Medium 20.5cm/8"
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Black Regal Peacock Plate 17.5cm/7"
Plate - Black Regal Peacock Plate 25cm/10"
Rectangular Dish - Black Regal Peacock Rectangular Platter 34cm/13.5"
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Sandwich Tray - Black Regal Peacock Rectangular Tray 28cm/11"
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34 results

In 1913, Burleigh introduced the Blue Regal Peacock collection, originally called Regal Peacock. It was admired by many around the world, including Queen Mary. The collection was discontinued for a short time, before being reintroduced in 2013 with the new name, Blue Regal Peacock. Due to its popularity, we released the Black Regal Peacock design just four years later, to give this timeless design a modern edge.

Many of the items in this range are handprinted using our tissue transfer method. It took around 1,911 hours of engraving a copper roller to bring the original print back to life. We've been using the same printing method for over 150 years, and we're the only pottery left in the world to still decorate in this way, because we believe it gives the most beautiful result.

After printing, each piece is given a final glaze and firing, which not only seals in the decoration, but ensures that every piece in the Burleigh Black Regal Peacock collection is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The range has everything you need to decorate your dinner table, including dinner plates and cereal bowls. We also craft traditional tea time pieces such as teacups and teapots in this stylish print, so you can make your afternoon tea extra special. Browse the range today and buy online with UK or international delivery.

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