Frosted Blues

Explore our collections to lay your Christmas table with the heirlooms of our future, laiden with handcrafted tableware built to last. From traditional shades of green, or a more contemporary frosted blue hue layered to reflect your own eclectic style, Burleigh has all you need to make your Christmas table extra special this year. 
101 results
Plate - Blue Calico Plate 26.5cm/10.5"
Plate - Blue Calico Plate 19cm/7.5"
Cereal Bowl - Blue Calico Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Mug - Blue Calico Mug 284ml/0.5pt
Pasta Bowl - Blue Calico Pasta Bowl 23cm/9"
Plate - Blue Arden Plate 26.5cm/10.5"
Mug - Blue Calico Mug 375ml/0.66pt
Plate - Blue Arden Plate 19cm/7.5"
Plate - Blue Calico Plate 21.5cm/8.5"
Mug - Blue Arden Mug 284ml/0.5pt
Breakfast Cup - Blue Calico Breakfast Cup 425ml / 0.75pt
Plate - Blue Regal Peacock Plate 25cm/10"

101 results

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