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Add sophistication to your everyday cup of tea with a teacup and saucer from Burleigh. Adorned in a variety of our timeless designs, these hand-crafted items will add a sense of beauty to your table. Tea lovers, coffee addicts, and Burleigh collectors around the world will love this selection of traditional English cups and saucers, as well as our range of tea sets, teapots, cake stands, sugar bowls, and milk jugs.

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Breakfast Cup - Black Regal Peacock Breakfast Cup 425ml / 0.75pt
Breakfast Saucer - Black Regal Peacock Breakfast Saucer
Tea Saucer - Black Regal Peacock Tea Saucer
Teacup - Black Regal Peacock Teacup 187ml/0.33pt
Black Regal Peacock Tea Cup And Saicer
Breakfast Cup - Blue Arden Breakfast Cup 425ml / 0.75pt
Breakfast Saucer - Blue Arden Breakfast Saucer
Tea Saucer - Blue Arden Tea Saucer
Teacup - Blue Arden Teacup 187ml/0.33pt
Blue Arden Teacup And Saucer
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Cup 420ml/0.75pt
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Saucer

38 results

Each one of these beautiful English teacups has been hand printed with a delicate floral print in our UK factory. We use tissue transfer to decorate each piece, a method we've been using for over 150 years and that allows us to adorn intricate handle shapes with our beautiful designs.

After printing, each teacup and saucer is finished with a final glazing and firing, which gives every piece a luxurious shine. It also ensures the items are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them ideal for everyday use.

You'll find blue and white teacup and saucer sets in all of our timeless Burleigh prints, including Blue Asiatic PheasantsRegal PeacockArdenFelicity, and Calico. We've also got colourful twists on our most popular collections, such as Black Regal Peacock and Pink Asiatic Pheasants. They're perfect for mixing and matching.

If you're a coffee lover, you'll adore our beautiful selection of espresso cups and coffee cups and saucers. Each one has been designed to make your favourite hot drink extra special.

All of these beautiful Burleigh teacups and saucers are made in England and make lovely gifts for tea lovers around the world. Browse the collection today and order online with UK or international delivery.

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