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Mini Mug - Blue Calico Mini Mug
Mug - Blue Calico Mug 375ml/0.66pt
Mug - Blue Calico Mug 284ml/0.5pt
Sandringham Mug - Blue Calico Sandringham Mug 284ml/0.5pt
Teapot - Blue Calico Small Teapot 3-4 Cup 400ml/0.75pt
Blue Calico Small Teapot Gift Set
Sugar Bowl - Blue Calico Sugar Bowl 9.5cm/4"
Tea Saucer - Blue Calico Tea Saucer
Teacup - Blue Calico Teacup 187ml/0.33pt
Breakfast Cup - Blue Felicity Breakfast Cup 425ml / 0.75pt
Blue Felicity Breakfast Cup and Saucer
Breakfast Saucer - Blue Felicity Breakfast Saucer

82 results

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