Your Festive Wreath Workshop, at Home

As the festivities are approaching and the crispness can be felt in the cooling air, we’re ready for all of the season’s crafts that truly get us into the Christmas spirit.

First in line is the Festive Wreath and we have worked with Jemma from our Factory Store to bring to you a guide to help you with the process this Christmas; with a special feature of our new Regal Peacock Kiln Rings which are available to shop now, making the perfect additional to your Autumn/Winter wreath this year.

Step 1: gather all materials in an area with plenty of space to work. You will firstly need your base and floristry wire ready to create the base layer

Step 2: Attach chosen foliage for the base of the wreath, we chose spruce. Attach using floristry wire (we use pre-cut strips for ease). Ensure the wire is hidden by the foliage and all the base is covered.

Step 3: add more foliage, we have chosen ivy for the next layer, a variegated ivy to add nice accents of white to accentuate the season

Step 4: once the ivy is anchored to the base, loop it through the wreath so that it is evenly spread around the whole of the wreath 

Step 5: The aim is for the foliage to look natural, tie with wire and rearrange as you wish using the wires of the artificial leaves or additional floristry wire

Step 6: We’ve chosen eucalyptus to add next to fill into the gaps. These can be worked into the foliage with their own wires and woven between the layers. Add extra wire if you feel you need to. The important thing to remember is to point everything in the same direction so that it flows nicely

Step 7: We lastly added ferns. The idea is to cover all gaps and add variation in colours and textures upon each layer 

Step 8: Trim any pieces of wire that are too long or sticking out. Now add your finishing touches, we've chosen white berries and Kiln Ring Decorations.

Step 9: If you are using our Kiln Ring Decorations, remove ribbons and attach with floristry wire so that they attach easily to the wreath. Alternate them with the berries and apply them evenly around the wreath

Step 10: Hang, and enjoy throughout the festivities

Be inspired and have a magical Christmas with Burleigh this year, with our tablescaping and Christmas decor inspiration. You can also read our Christmas Gift Guide here.  

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