Collection: Sauce Tureens

Bring refinement to your dinner table with a sauce tureen and ladle from Burleigh Pottery. Handmade and decorated in England to exacting standards, these ceramic pieces are as durable as they are beautiful. We also offer sauce boats and soup tureens that may be of interest, with UK or international delivery available on every order.

Perfect for insulating warm sauces, each sauce tureen comes complete with a lid. As well as an elegant handle, this has a specially shaped notch that allows the matching ladle to remain neatly inside. There are also handles on the side of the tureen to allow for easy transportation from kitchen to table.

While ideal for warm sauces like hollandaise sauce or even custard, these tureens are also great for condiments like cranberry sauce and mint sauce. This makes them a practical addition to a wide range of table settings, particularly on special occasions.

They are available in some of our most popular collections, including Black Regal Peacock, Blue Regal Peacock, and Blue Asiatic Pheasants. This means that you're sure to find a pattern you love and that you can build a whole dinner service to match.

Shop for sauce tureens with ladles online today. You may also be interested in our ceramic jugs, serving dishes, and dinner sets.