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Burleigh soup tureens are beautiful ceramic serving bowls complete with lids, ladles, and handles. Handmade and hand-decorated in England, they are a luxurious addition to any tableware collection — sure to impress at your next dinner party. We also offer soup bowls in matching designs, as well as noodle bowls that are great for Asian broths.

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Our ceramic soup tureens have handles, which allow for easy transportation from kitchen to dining table, as well as a lid, which helps to keep your dish warm. A specially shaped lid notch ensures that the matching ladle can remain neatly inside, ready for fuss-free serving.

You'll find blue and white soup tureens in collections such as Blue Asiatic Pheasants and Blue Regal Peacock, as well as other popular patterns. To complete the look, invest in matching soup bowls, as well as a butter dish and side plates to accompany your bread rolls.

Buy a stoneware soup tureen set online today with UK or worldwide delivery. You may also be interested in our sauce tureens, also complete with matching ceramic ladles, and gravy boats.