NEW Green Asiatic Pheasants

Handcrafted by our artisans at our home, Middleport Pottery, for Autumn/Winter 2022 we introduce Green Asiatic Pheasants.

The delicate and refined nature of our Asiatic Pheasants pattern has been reimagined in a deep green colourway this Autumn, highlighting the intricacy of the linework and the tonal variation of colour.

Our ware continues to be decorated in the same way now as it was in the 19th century, using our unique tissue transfer process, imbuing the pieces with a distinctive quality unmatched by other decoration methods.

Naturally infused with our unrivalled style, this extension to Asiatic Pheasants in deep shades of green celebrates the way in which Burleigh has been decorating its wares with traditional tissue transfer since it began in 1851. 

Hand crafted to be combined, layered and curated, this hue sets the perfect backdrop to delicious dishes and is designed to cater for large gatherings as well as intimate cups of tea.

History behind the Asiatic Pheasants Design

The Asiatic Pheasants collection is a true icon of English tableware with huge popularity spanning the last 190 years and it remains in production today; available in shades of Blue and Pink, with the new addition of Green to our core collections. 

The pattern was originally designed in Staffordshire in the 1830's probably by a self-employed engraver, sadly we have no record of a name. Local pottery companies would have purchased the design as engraved plates; so multiple factories would produce the same pattern, and it was common that as businesses opened and closed in the fast paced industry, engravings would change hands frequently so attributing a pattern to a designer during these times was almost impossible.

Out of hundreds of patterns created during this period to meet the growing demands around the globe, this one certainly caught on. In the earlier 1800's consumer preference had been for a more heavily decorated design, in the 1830's Asiatic Pheasants was part of a shift towards something more delicate, with greater amounts of open pattern. Alongside the change in designs at the time, also came a change in colour, with softer and lighter colours becoming available.

Over the years since these early days of production Asiatic Pheasants has been reintroduced several times, remaining in continuous production since the 1990's. Just like all other Burleigh patterns, Asiatic Pheasants requires traditional skills and techniques to produce this famous ware. The highest-quality raw materials and our dedicated team of crafts people create our classic and timeless tableware. The last Pottery of it's kind, Burleigh protects and celebrates tradition and craftsmanship; evident in each and every piece of ware.

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