Burleigh’s 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Make this Christmas more special by choosing pieces that are sustainable.

Made in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent with clay from the UK, our products have been made with every occasion in mind. Our versatile, striking ceramic pieces can be used all year round and make the perfect gift for those looking to treasure a piece for years to come.

Our brand new gift boxes are plastic free and contain no glue making them easy to reuse or recycle. Decorated in copper print, our new boxes share the story of our heritage and how each piece of Burleigh is made in our home in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent.

Creating a Christmas Wonderland with Burleigh

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one; finding the perfect Christmas gift has never been so easy. A stocking filler, or gifting the full Burleigh experience, read on to find the Christmas inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

Pastel Perfection:

Move away from the traditions of red and gold this Christmas and add a touch of pastel perfection to your Christmas stocking this year.  

The soft pinks of Pink Asiatic Pheasants are perfect this winter, whether you choose to mix it with the traditional Blue Asiatic Pheasants, a touch of autumnal Plum, or style it alone and bring a delicate touch of glamour to the festivities. Combine the pastel tones with soft whites and silvers to bring to the life the ideas of glittery snowy scenes. Breaking tradition has never looked so glamourous.

As well as having the perfect stocking filler with the Pink Asiatic Pheasants Teacup & Saucer, the collection is also perfect for the festive tablescape. For a more modern look, accentuate the pastel pinks with bold metals like copper, reminiscent of the copper rollers we use here at Burleigh to print our tissue ready for decoration. The soft lines of Asiatic Pheasants complimented by the decadence of the metallics creates an opulent dining setting without being over powering, just the right amount of sophistication for your Christmas day dining.

Blue Christmas:

Invite the cool tones of winter into your home this Christmas with the blues of Collection One.

Inspired by nature the ink blue of Collection One is the perfect complement to the forest green of your Christmas tree, with the warm twinkle of fairy lights, this colour combination evokes the sense of the splendour of cold Christmas nights under the stars.

This dining focused range means you’ll have all the pieces you need to lay your table for your Christmas feast, right through to coffees and chocolates by the fire once the day is winding down.

Containing three patterns easily mix and matched , why not create a visual feast for the eyes whilst setting the table, or stick to your favourite pattern giving a bold statement look with elegant glassware and gold cutlery to accentuate to scene. But we don’t want to make your guests green with envy. Our Osbourne mugs available in Hibiscus, Palisade and Pollen, make the perfect table gift for your guests this holiday season too!

If the Half Pint mug is what you are after, they now also come complete in our new eco-friendly gift box too, making sure you have your Christmas shopping all wrapped up this Christmas.

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